5 County Beekeepers Association

Activities and Committees

For more information about any of these club activities, send an email through our “Contact” page or to info@5CBA.org. There is an expanded list of our 2016 activities at the end of this page.  Let us know if you would like to become more involved with any of these learning or service opportunities..

Hive Increase Project:                                 Tim Huffman


Mentoring Program:                                    Craig Dupree

                                                                    Tim Huffman

Educational Outreach:                                Matthew Jones, Chair

                                                                    David Arnold
                                                                    Mart Bumgarner
                                                                    Lane Kreitlow

                                                                    Vic Lipinski

Speakers’ Bureau:                                      Suzy Spencer

Members-Only Forum:                                Magnus Ullberg

Website:                                                      Dianne Saunders

Facebook:                                                   Lane Kreitlow

Club shirt and cap sales                             Kelly Allen

NC State Fair Exhibit:                                 Greg Wolgemuth

Bugfest Exhibit:                                           Mart Bumgarner

Bee School:                                                Lane Kreitlow

                                                                    Suzy Spencer

Swarm Call List:                                          Rex Barber

NCSBA Master Beekeeper Program:         Suzy Spencer

NCSBA Golden Achievement Program:     David Arnold

                                                                    Suzy Spencer

2016 Club Activities

We’ve been busy working to improve our members’ experiences and providing learning opportunities for them and for the public.  Here’s what we were up to in 2016. 

  • Maintained a website where we posted our contact information, officers, projects, upcoming meeting topics, our minutes from past meetings, and other things about our club

  • Maintained a Facebook page.

  • Maintained a contact email address and phone number for receiving inquiries from the public,

  • Maintained a swarm-call contact and list

  • Maintained an inventory of club equipment that can be borrowed by members (for example, a honey-extractor and related equipment).

  • Submitted our first NCSBA Golden Achievement Program (GAP) notebook and was awarded $300 and a $50 gift certificate for first-time participation. Another notebook will be submitted in 2017 for 2016  

  • Initiated the Hive Increase Project with the purpose of establishing hives for a club apiary and mentoring a large number of new beekeepers at the same time. Held numerous mini-field-days for hands-on experience.  Used Hive Tracks software to monitor the progress.  Published two articles about this project in the NCSBA’s quarterly newsletter the “NC Bee Buzz”.

  •  Held the first 5CBA one-day Bee School, attended by twenty-one members

  •  Administered the certified written and certified practical tests for the NCSBA Master Beekeeper Program for the first time. There were 6 Certified, 3 Journeyman, and 1 Master Beekeeper certificates awarded to 5CBA members in 2016.

  •  Established a members-only on-line “Forum” to discuss various topics; posted the 5CBA membership directory there

  •   Expanded the monthly email meeting notices into a longer-format mini-newsletter to convey in-depth information, including notices from the NCSBA, NCSU, and other sources

  •  Prepared semi-permanent name badges for use by members at meetings.  Provided refreshments and door prizes at all meetings

  •  Provided the opportunity for members to order shirts and caps with the club logo

  •  Prepared and staffed a booth at the Bugfest event in downtown Raleigh (September)

  •  Formed an Educational Outreach Committee to assemble items (props, outlines, and power-point presentations) for members’ use when asked to give a presentation to a school or other group

  •  Established a “Speakers’ Bureau” to handle requests from groups seeking people to give presentations on bee-related topics

  •  Prepared and staffed a booth at “Zebulon Night Out” in Zebulon (October)

  • Prepared a club exhibit for the NC State Fair in Raleigh (October); won the Chapters Sweepstakes ribbon

  •   Established a more formalized mentoring program to supplement the Hive Increase Project and to provide one-on-one assistance to our new beekeepers

  •  Served the NC State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA): eight of our members were NCSBA officers and committee members.