5 County Beekeepers Association

Q:  What items can be borrowed or, in the case of brochures, used by members?

A: Listed below is the inventory, last updated 16 December 2016.  Contact Tim Huffman to arrange pickup.  (timjoehuffman@aol.com, 919-269-6790)

1 Motorized 3 Frame extractor - Deep/Medium/Shallow (must view video on how to use)
1 Uncapping hot knife.
1 Plain cold uncapping knife  - non-electric
1 Stainless steeel uncapping scratcher
1 Uncapping bins with grate
3 Honey filters
2 Honey gates and buckets
1 Hexagon-shaped stand for 25  2-lb  classic honey jars.
1 Teaching Hive, 8 Frames
3 Veils without hats.
1 Helmet hat to fit under veil.
1 Long gloves (medium).
1 Decorative Big Bee Head.
2 5 County Beekeepers Association Banners [2ft x 6ft] 
1 Display:  2-part construction with multiple hexagon-shaped spaces/shelves, 2 stands that make a table for it, black table cloth, 3 pictures cards and 9 information cards to fit in hexagon spaces.

1 Single-deep observation hive for presentations.

12 laminated study prints for educational outreach (each 13x18")
12 pictures of nectar/pollen plants mounted on hexagonal foam-core (~18x20")

Also available for handouts:

  •   Business cards for 5CBA
  •   Many handouts related to honey and recipes.